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All pottery and glass is fired in one of our three on-site kilns, Big Bertha, Biscuit and The Workhorse. Generally speaking, the kilns are fired between 4 and 6 times a week each - they've got to have a day off too. The kilns get up to over 1000°C on a glaze firing so unfortunately no, you can't fire your pottery in your oven at home!

Why does it take 7 days?

Well, partly because of how long it takes for the kilns to get up to temperature (sometimes 8+ hours) and also how long they take to cool down again (up to 12 hours) but also because we need to individually dip each piece in clear glaze, wait for it to fully dry before loading into a kiln then carefully play a game of tetris to fit it all in! 

Valentine's Pottery: paint before Tuesday 6th Feb
Mother's Day Pottery: Paint before Sunday 3rd March
Easter Pottery: Paint before Sunday 24th March



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